Cabo San Lucas is a small city at the southern tip of the state of Baja California Sur, Mexico. Since the construction of the Transpeninsular Highway Cabo San Lucas has become a high-end holiday destination. Cabo San Lucas’ economy, like many resort areas in Mexico, at one time was based on fishing but is now geared towards tourism, though sport fishing continues to be one of the area's main attractions. 
Cabo San Lucas is a bustling hub for sport fishermen, cruise ships, handicraft vendors, water sport aficionados and nightlife seekers. Cabo is considered to be the second-fastest growing resort destination in all of Mexico and particularly busy with visitors during the winter high season, November to February. With some of the best all-around sport fishing in the world and every water sport imaginable, Cabo is the ultimate destination for travelers looking for outdoor adventure…

Nowadays, the small fishing village has become a bustling tourist attraction. Cabo San Lucas has increased its numbers and now boasts a population of almost 25,000. The majority of people who call this place home make their living from the tourist industry and most of them are recent arrivals seeking work. Many small shops and boutiques line the streets with souvenirs and handcrafted Cabo clothing. Tour guides are ready to show off the spectacular coastline (and the underwater attractios, too). Affordable boating adventures and tours await those ready to take to the waves and are a sign that Cabo is no longer an exclusive yacht club just for the upper class sports fishermen.
Main Sectors, Products and Services 

The traditional crops are: corn, bean, tomato, chili, potato, vegetables and watermelon. High production levels also have been reached in the fruit culture, mainly in fruits like: mango, avocado and citric fruits, foreseeing a short-term promising future. 

Due to the frequent droughts and the water shortage that characterize the sub region and the state in general; the cattle activity has faced big problems. Nevertheless, some production has been achieved in sectors like cattle, goat, swine and poultry raising. 

Fifhing Industry
The industry is completely incipient; processing products of the sea is the only one existing in the region through Compañía de Productos Marinos, S. de R.L. whose activity is the carving, canning, reduction and frosting of different marine species. In the tranquil waters of Los Cabos, commercial fishing is not the only industry to take advantage of the teemimg marine life. Numerous international fishing tournaments are held throughout the year for dorado, marlin, sailfish and tuna. 

Fish Farming
In spite of their enormous marine resources potential along its entire coast, the fishing activity has not been sufficiently exploited. The most important captured species are: tuna, skipjack tuna, shark, fresh water fishing and scales. 

The whole commercial activity of the Municipality is centralized in San José del Cabo and San Lucas Cape, being the main sale products: electric articles, construction materials, dressing garments and diverse handicraft objects as attraction for the national and foreign tourists. 

The boom of the tourist industry began in the 70´s in the whole state with the construction of the Transpeninsular highway, and San José del Cabo and Loreto international airports. Larger lodging facilities of tourist quality were also created in San José del Cabo. That is why this is the largest economic sector, taking into consideration its varied natural attributes: unquestionable beauty, climate and being surrounded by two seas that wash its coasts, the Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Cortés. 

San Lucas Cape and San José del Cabo are the cities that form the tourist corridor of Los Cabos. Their beaches and reefs have given them international fame besides their tourist infrastructure that is well equipped to receive both the national and foreign tourist. 

The international flights, the marine transport, the hotel infrastructure, and the kindness of their residents offer the comfort of the necessary rest for the tourist. Countless boating, sailing and fishing tournaments held year round take advantage of the prime weather and surrounding nature of Los Cabos.

Whether arriving by land, sea, air or air, Los Cabos has the necessary factors in place to offer national and international visitors efficient service in the international airport, along the highway and at the ferry terminal. Modern, speedy services are also offered through the infrastructure of restaurants, hotels (approximately 6,500 hotel rooms), bars, trailers, trailer parks, travel agencies, renting of boats for sport fishing, cars, bus terminals, Recognized medical services include Red Cross, Green Angel, and countless other hospitals and other emergency services..